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Photography still plays a very important role in my life and in painting - from composition and lighting to subject matter.


Gratefully and joyfully, I am frequently asked to jury student photography competitions.

An “Impasto Painter” in pursuit of the very footsteps of Monet, Manet, VanGogh.


My dramatic, colorful style  has won recognition as a diverse artist - interpreting objects, scenes and familiar places, using an atypical and romantic approach. I layer my oils, carefully displaying thick, yet smooth strokes of the brush. Free and wild sometimes, I combine what I have studied with my own imagination adding flavorful color, depth and vibrancy. People, places, florals, cars and trucks, and shoes are among my favorite passions.



Attending art school in Atlanta, Georgia, with the intention of becoming a painter, I soon discovered I loved the camera, landing me jobs as a commercial and fine art photographer.  After 25 years of photographing professionally, the digital age approached and I found myself wanting to return to painting.

Inspired by Monet, a love for gardens and their beauty has forever been a part of me. And now, I have a landscaping business - planting and maintaining luxurious gardens throughout the Denver area.


Gardening, painting, (and even photography) are intertwined – each enlivened and influenced by life's subjects, color, texture, dimension, shape, and rhythm. Painting the earth is like painting on canvas.

Full of wanderlust and traveling all over the world, photographing, painting, collecting images, and stories, my artistic journey is on-going and endlessly expanding.

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